"Rocky Balboa" - Own it now on DVD, PSP™ & Blu-ray™

March 28, 2007

"Rocky Balboa" - Own it now on DVD, PSP™ & Blu-ray™

"Rocky Balboa" is NOW AVAILABLE in a variety of formats.

For DVD click HERE.
The dvd features: commentary by Sylvester Stallone; deleted scenes including an alternate ending; boxing bloopers, three featurettes ["Skill vs Will: The Making of Rocky Balbao"; "Reality in the Ring: Filming Rocky's Final Fight"; and "Virtual Champion: Creating the Computer Fight"] and more!

For Blu-ray™ click HERE

For PSP™ click HERE

Enjoy! - Craig


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this blog! Will you have a 'John Rambo' blog coming in the near future?

Take care, Craig,
Nick, Ontario Canada

March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bought the DVD immediately. Just digging in now, but it appears to not have any of the movie trailers. It's got trailers for every other freakin' movie (Spider Man, Casino Royale, and many more I have no interest in), but not the Rocky Balboa trailers. Very disppointing as it was those trailers that let me know a good movie was on the way. Seems like a pathetic omission to me.

March 29, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sylvester Stallone's fans! How are you? Everybody alive?(here is empty) I hope you are well.
My nickname is Eddy Nice, I'm from Brazil, South America. Sorry my bad English, please.
Forgive me but, I gonna be a little disrespectful. I saw some pictures Mr. Sylvester Stallone in the Australian airport (P.S. he was handsome!). Thanks to God the flights attendants have bad taste, they loving Mr."Ugly" Ralph Finnes (I don't think I want to see the Stallones's fans flights attendants). In my point of view, put into a bag Mr. Finnes and Mr. Tom Cruise and send to Australia. This is a forbidden bag!
Poor my tropical eyes, they saw Rambo IV picture here. Change skin. Nietzsche's words "The man isn't just an artist, he is an work of art himself". (sorry I try)
I found a Sylvester Stallone/myspace with wonderful photos and videos, I like very much. It's a treasure!
I come for the "Dad" but, I stay for the "Son" too. The beauty is run in the family. I saw a sage stallone fan/myspace (far better than sage stallone/myspace) and there goes my sense. I was drunk!
Those two so dark pearls hasn't proprietary (he's single), so, we can to write who we want to write.
With all due respect, Mr. Sage Stallone is pretty. Before he was looking like a soccer player of the "Azzura Squadron" soccer/footbal team. Now he is looking an angel, an evil angel (Grindhouse Realeasing's horror movies! Mother of God!)
I have to go (finish my English)
I'm so sorry my bad English again.
Thank you very much!
Hugs and kisses to you!
Eddy Nice

March 31, 2007  
Blogger elenasanquinto said...

hola rocky la primera peli a sido dibertida ha sido la mejor k e visto solo k con apollo lo llevas claro mira este es mi blog es www.pabloblanco.blogspot.com a i mucha suerte con el boxeo eeeee

March 31, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my john rambo will be on myspace with much more info
e mail me sometime at

April 01, 2007  
Blogger susanwalkergirl said...

I remember when the movie “Rocky” debuted in 1976. I remember the night…I remember the theater and I remember the excitement. The movie captured not only the attention and imagination of the nation…but my heart too. I loved the movie from the get go. It touched me, encouraged me and gave me hope. It’s a feel good, comfort movie. One that I can watch anytime…especially when I’m feeling down and come away feeling uplifted and inspired.

While I couldn’t resist purchasing the DVD…it was with trepidation that I watched the new movie “Rocky Balboa”. After all I didn’t want to be disappointed with something that I had grown to love.

I found that Rocky has aged well. He still had the heart…and the spirit. The spirit to try and give it all he’s got. Life had kick him around, hit him hard and left a few bruises. But he didn’t let that keep him down or stop him from trying.

In the intervening years since the original “Rocky” life has been difficult at times and it’s certainly not turned out like I had hoped or dreamed. So I can related to Rocky 30 years later. I come away once again touched and encourage to get up and go out and face my own battles another day and the next, and the next, and the next.

As the credits rolled they showed scenes of everyday ordinary people…running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I swear I found myself dreaming about running up those famous steps and feeling my own moment of victory. If ever I get it Philadelphia I know where I’ll be stopping.

I can tell the measure of a movie…when I walk away and say I want to see that one again. Indeed…I’ll be watching “Rocky Balboa” again.

April 01, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

margaret monera>
"rocky balboa you're the best! congratulations to sylvester stallone for a job well done from rocky 1-6. i 'm your fan from the philippines, mahal kita!"

April 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just watched the DVD last night.

It's unbelievable! All the Extras will blow you away.

When the DVD said there was some "commentary" from Sly...I was expecting a 5 minute interview or something. He does a commentary of the ENTIRE FILM in real time as the movie unfolds! It's so revealing. And interesting!

Sly understands his Rocky character at a deep level. You'll understand this when you get the DVD. And all the other Extras are quite good as well.

Get this DVD!


Ontario, Canada

P.S. There's only 3 comments on this blog at present...and two are from Ontario Canada! Go figure.

April 02, 2007  
Blogger Clark said...

Gracias Sly por brindarnos la mejor inspiración para todos los que hemos encontrado una gran sombra (big shadow). Rocky Balboa es la mejor secuela de toda la saga.

Este es un gran final para un personaje que durante 30 años ha marcado la historia del cine.


Danny Raza

April 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love u stallone, u are the best, palistine love u, u are my teacher.thanks craig.
tomorrow never dies with rocky balboa.

April 21, 2007  
Blogger Richard said...

maravilhoso !! o melhor rocky de todos !

April 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sylvester Stallone's fans! How are you? I hope all be fine.
My nickname is Eddy Nice, I'm from Brazil, South America. I beg your pardon for my English is wrong,please.
I agree with Nick/Canada. I want a "Rambo IV blog", very cool!
"Melton received a call from Stallone" WOW! (I got some interjections) This is biblical! Congratulations to Mr. Derek Melton!
I loved Japan premiere photos. Mr. Stallone is charmer, he look great! (I didn't like the japanese ladies, I felt envy. Imagine Mr. Stallone smiling at us... ouch!).
I have to go.
Thank you very much for everything.
Sorry my bad English again.
Sweets hugs and kisses to you!
Eddy Nice

April 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am ready for the John Rambo blog.

www.rambocheckpoint.blog !

Make it so, craig!

This is a good blog.

April 25, 2007  
Blogger pipihail said...

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May 04, 2007  
Anonymous Narnia said...

and keep moving forward

May 07, 2007  
Anonymous Narnia said...

and keep moving forward

May 07, 2007  
Anonymous Stallone_girl!!! said...

Hy!!!!My name is Josipa and,Im 12 I am from
Croatia(Europe)!!!!I am Slys biggest fan!!!!I became that after I wacthed Rockys last summer!!!Sly you are the greatest!!!Rocky Balboa movie is great just like the other five!!!I whoud like to see you because you are the part of America history........you are the america hero!!!I whoud be glade if you come to Croatia one day!!!Bye,bye...and Rock...It aint over until its over........looking good Rock!!!

May 17, 2007  
Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

I wasn't sure what to expect from Rocky Balboa, since I simply couldn't stand Rocky V, but this was a definite return to top from for Sly .. I'll definitely be buying this on DVD and watching it at least a few more times

May 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, Sylvester Stallone's fans! How are you? Is everything OK? I hope you're very fine.
My nickname is Eddy Nice, I'm from Brazil-South America. I don't write much English. Only few Words.
I wanna say I hope Mr. Zablo makes a "Rambo IV blog" looking "Rocky Balboa blog" with a space, a mural for fans all over the world can easily expresse ours love, veneration, expectation.
For exemple: I liked very much the new photos of Stallonezone.com. I saw J. Rambo and three little flowers so pretty! Wow! Mr. Sylvester Stallone and his daughters are the beautiful garden of the Mrs. Jenifer Flavin! Health and God bless and protect them.
(take it easy! My jealous be quiet)
I loved "Sly take a walk in London", He is handsome so much.
The new photos of the "Rambo IV" are great! I'm thankful.
I was reading something in internet about Rocky Balboa I think so beautiful, so special: "The caracther Rocky is like 'Carlitos' of the Charles Chaplin".
I have to go.
Sorry my wrong English, please.
Thank you very much!
Trillions hugs and kisses to you!
Eddy Nice

May 17, 2007  
Blogger matrixwoman said...

Non parlo inglese: mi piace molto rocky, traduco i tuoi post con altavista, sob!

May 29, 2007  
Blogger Paul Levinson said...

I just saw it, loved it, and was not the least bit surprised that I did - Stallone's writing can be as good as Mamet or Stoppard ... my review of Rocky Balboa

May 30, 2007  
Blogger Nielsen said...

does anybody know if or when all 6 movies are coming out together in a package. And if Rocky Balboa will be released as a director's edition?

June 01, 2007  
Anonymous jtojoram@yahoo.com said...

Before to see the movie I thought it would be more of the same. It was not. It's a nice movie, Sylvester. Congratulations.
It's the meaning how much the old people have to say and have to do in this crazy world. It's very human, nice story. In all the story, boxing is the less important, just the remembers, feelings and hopes is important.
I liked a lot.
Thank you very much.
Greetings from Spain.

July 08, 2007  
Blogger Roberto said...

great blog man!!!

I used some ideas for my bodibuilder blog


July 10, 2007  
Anonymous thenetizens.co.nr said...

wow i am a fan of sylvester stallone...

cool blog dude

August 12, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Echaré de menos a Rocky, todas sus películas me encantan y a mí especialmente que amo el deporte más que a nada en el mundo.

Gracias Sylvester por haber acabado la secuela de esta forma, espero volver a verte pronto en Rambo IV.

Un saludo desde España.

August 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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September 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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September 20, 2007  
Anonymous Francesco said...

1 Parola....Spettacolo!!
Film, Musiche, trama e Sly!!!

Sei un grande e grazie per questo tuo regalo!! Rocky Balboa!!

September 20, 2007  
Anonymous fajar said...

Rock 'n Roll for Rocky...
great Sylvestre 'Rocky' Stalone n great act in Rocky movies

October 26, 2007  
Blogger Ailene said...

The Entire movie was incredible. every fights get your mind to focus.

October 26, 2007  
Blogger mk2force said...

great movie!

November 02, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(HALLELLUJAH!!!Thanks Mr. Craig Zablo) Hello, Sylvester Stallone's fans! I'm Eddy Nice and I'm happy very much x 1.000.000 because I can to writer my wrong English here again.
See you later! Bye! (finish my bad English now).
P.S.: a)The Rambo trailer is FANTASTIC!!! I said he is a brown storm.
b) The photo Sylvester Stalone cowboy in stallonezone.com is a gem!
c) Is Jennifer K.(book about Rocky Balboa) a Sylvester Stallone's pen name?

November 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've watched Rocky 1 up to Rocky 6
and it was really good..I do
really really love all of the
movies you've done, so far I just
watched is Cliff Hanger, DayLight,
The Specialist,Get Carter,
F.I.S.T., Demolition Man, and
Rambo 1, 2, 3 and of course i'm
looking forward to Rambo no#4 is
coming up on January 2008!!! can't
wait to watch it on My brother's
DVD player..

in Rocky no# 6 i'm surprised..
youre abs-olutely a big monster
I've never seen hehehe coz its been
a long time since the last time
you made the Rocky no# 5
well youre still handsome.

I got interested in all of your
movies I'm youre huge fan, You
seem a very good person for me
even though i don't know you
I don't know but you have
something that others don't have..

My family planning to move in US I
wish I could meet you inperson..

Youre the really best!!!! keep up
the good work

Jelli Anne

November 25, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Rocky stuff for fans

December 09, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Que grande Rocky Balboa. Luego de tanto años dandolos alegrias en el cine, ahora regresa con todo. Aguante Rocky Balboa y John Rambo. Viva Stallone

January 16, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grande Rocky, una saga gloriosa, Sylvester Stallone un grande, ojalá tambien haya una secuela de Rambo


Las Peliculas de Rocky inigualables.


January 18, 2008  
Anonymous Watch hindi movies said...

rocky is one of my favoraite series

sylvester played a awesome role

February 05, 2008  
Blogger Pedro Henrique said...

I am not much fan of Balboa, but I must admit that this blog is great!!


PS: I'am brazilian, so, sorry about the english!

February 12, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Stallone: My former teacher and chair at UNLV was Mr. Menendez and I have written a script; and since you have a two picture deal in the works; since I have had a lifelong crush on you; would you be able to consider my work and meet me. I guess you might say Im beautiful and sexy and
..well my email is aa_bb22@live.com but if you can call after
9pm on President's Day or thereafter. My cell will be connected for 15 days. or you may write me at 117 N. 4th Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 Of course I am blonde and blue eyed I am reading the book by President Clinton "Giving".

February 14, 2008  
Anonymous patrick said...

i have been skeptical about this film... but i have heard nothing but good things... methinks i shall have to view this.

February 20, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found on ebay the Rocky vs Apollo artwork on canvas


March 06, 2008  
Anonymous どりてぃんドリーム said...


March 19, 2008  
Anonymous くれくれ厨 said...

金持ちってスゲー( ゚д゚)ポカーン

April 12, 2008  
Anonymous ヒットエンドぴゅっ! said...


April 26, 2008  
Anonymous 金太郎 said...

まさか家のエレベーターでフ ェ ラされるなんて思ってなかったよ。。ww
「ここでフ ェ ラさせてくれたらもっと報 酬あげるよ♪」

May 05, 2008  
Blogger Mr.galle said...

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May 10, 2008  
Blogger pablo_rocky said...

I am Pablo Díaz, I love Rocky Balboa.
I have the 6 movies and play two games 2.
Rocky SOS my idol.
I love you.

May 18, 2008  
Blogger Mberenis said...

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May 25, 2008  
Anonymous Arnaldo Oliveira said...

I know i'm late, but i need to say.

Just bought the DVD and I see it at least once a week. Is one of the greatest stories ever told....

Why don't have a Rocky VII, VIII and so on, other stories, other emotions, but with our champ.

Greetings from Brazil.

May 27, 2008  
Anonymous Gonzalo Corrales said...

Rocky Balboa, junto a John Rambo, es uno de los mejores personajes que Sly ha creado.
Las saga de Rocky es buenisima. Saludos a todos los fanaticos.
¡¡¡Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!!!
Gonzalo Corrales

June 05, 2008  
Anonymous David Miller said...

I have been watching the Rocky series on cable over the last few weeks. These are now classic films, although I remember when they came out. Wonder if Sylvester Stallone is planning on doing any more movies, directing, or even politics?

July 04, 2008  
Anonymous Dave Miller said...

Loved the movie and the whole series
I will get this for my nephew!

January 10, 2009  
Blogger Osmar Daou said...

I wish he will make Rocky 7, 8 and others!
From a Szoner from Brazil.

January 27, 2009  
Anonymous NeoDio said...

This comment may come a little bit too late, but I only had the chance to buy the movie and watch it in the past few days.

I grew up watching Rocky movies, I liked most of Rocky 1,3 and 4, but this one...This is simply the best Rocky for me, the closest to the first one, exceptional argument, Stallone really proved himself a great writer and a great actor once again.

This isn't just another Rocky movie, this final chapter is a true lesson in life.

From the beginning to the end, everyhting is touching, the loss of his wife and her constant presence, Rocky's kindness to little Marie and his son, even to the little old dog Punchy...His relationship with his son, the words that he says to his son made me cry...And the ending...It's absolutely AMAZING the way the movie ends, the final round ends, and the crowd starts cheering for Rocky, and it doesn't matter to ANYONE except Mason's crew that he won, in the moment the split decision gives victory to Mason NOTHING CHANGES, Rocky and the whole audience don't even HEAR IT...It's a big lesson of life here, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, all that matters is that you've been there, all that matters is that you tried, all that matters is that you were there and you did your best.
Rocky SHOULD have won though, just to slap the narcisism out of Mason, but what the hell, Rocky won in every way possible.

Thank you very much Mr.Sly!!

(And big props for John Rambo also, though I liked most Rocky Balboa lol)

February 23, 2009  

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